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In recent years, it seems that there are men such as "Cinderella," the glass slipper-like yearning. In men's fashion, louboutin footwear market is already hot, becoming the fastest growing category. Global louboutin retailers are targeting this point, intense planning, take advantage of this momentum profits.
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"Louboutin shoes for men of sense, just as the package in a woman." Berlin christian louboutin online boutique owner Emmanuel de Bayser says, "because the package does not become the main man with the dress, so we ninety percent accessories budget is allocated to the louboutin shoes uk, and in which, eighty percent of all athletic shoes. "
According to de Bayser introduced his louboutin UK in some of the best-selling brand sports shoes and even in short supply, many customers join the waiting list. These brands include: Valentino, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Saint Laurent and Christian Louboutin. Interestingly, today's consumers are aware of their needs; immediately and meet the needs of consumers is necessary. "De Bayser said.
louboutin footwear retailer said its budget in the last three quarters of the already doubled, he recently established a new "sneakers wall" in the men's boutiques, fame, highly sought after. This idea comes from its ladies boutiques.
Most retailers in 2013 louboutin men shoes are harvested double-digit growth. With the large investment in this piece, it is expected that this year the momentum will continue.
In  department stores, louboutin men shoes in key flagship store and online sales are conducted Xiangmi plan. "We have been and will continue to invest a lot of capital to innovative men's footwear sector, with a view to maximizing the use of this wonderful opportunity." Chief Tom Kalenderian men's department manager, executive vice president disclosed.
At Saks Fifth Avenue christian louboutin sneakers department store, a christian louboutin mens sales counter in the near future, while Turkey luxury retailers Beymen new flagship store in Istanbul Zorlu Center will be two types of men's footwear division - design brand footwear, scale modern classic footwear and footwear, both of which are twice its other flagship stores. Beymen's chief product officer, said 2013 sales of men's footwear increased by 28%, while sales growth in the amount of men was 22% of total sector, apparently men's outstanding performance over this data.
Harrods department store in London, has set up two new men's footwear stores, which plans to open a third in the third quarter of this year, is now decoration. After opening the store opened two years ago to expand footwear boutiques department, and then its men's room has been extended twice.
"Two years ago, the implementation of development, what we began to notice changes in consumer demand for footwear when their consumption habits are changing, the desire for more choice." Harrods department store men's, sports, fashion director Jason watches Broderick said. "We have seen a number of changes taking place in our shoes area, consumers are turning more to the luxury brand christian louboutin sneakers, such as Giuseppe Zanotti, Valentino and Lanvin are leading in the field, dominant position. Following season, we even saw Tom Ford launched its first pair of shoes, we have also witnessed the shoes had close contact with the family of brands began to enter the men's market, they are professional and talent into this industry, such as JimmyChoo. "he said.
Classic street fashion mix and match
Harrods department store is currently using its men's salon in the area to set up a pop-up space to showcase their new products, exclusive brand portfolio includes Louis Leeman and Lanvin. "We remain committed to providing consumers with new brands, new experiences and this gives us a locale immersive environments allow consumers to operate this way." Broderick said.
Kalenderian deemed to promote the Prada men's footwear pioneer tremendous changes in consumption patterns. "They will be a formal dress shoes and sneakers merger. Mixing these two completely different ways of manufacturing has changed the industry, not just our concept of a revolution in men's appearance, but also men's shoes fashion revolution. "he explained.
According to Barneys department store executives introduced sneakers with a suit, or contrary to the concept of formal shoes with jeans are from the industry to redefine the classification of footwear division. "You may see a classic shoe is light wearing Twill Munch's most fashionable brands in consumers' feet."
Stylish celebrities also love this shoe. "Sports stars, music mogul like PharrellWilliams, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake are real dress upper body." Vice president of Saks Fifth Avenue boutique stores and men's fashion director Eric Jennings said. "They wear designer brands, they rap designers, and sometimes they create their own, and their influence is great, especially in footwear this one, has been regarded as sophisticated level, is as a reference. Past they generally are modern wind, and now is more like a 'street fashion' overly trendy shoes now has been regarded as normal. "Jennings added.
Market research firm Mintel forecast for this year's men's U.S. market which will generate a $ 20.3 billion in sales in 2016 this figure will reach $ 22.5 billion. This cf 2006 $ 15.3 billion figure, have to say is a huge leap forward.
According to new data provided by the U.S. market NPD 2012-13 - between 2013, the amount of the purchase price of $ 150 and above footwear prices increased by 28 percentage points,christian louboutin london oxford shoes and sandals without laces particularly large demand, accounting for Twenty-four percent sales and 22.0 per cent.
"For a young man in the past often wear shoes, but now more mature, more choice custom apparel generation, implementation of new shoes is very difficult and requires a lot of work to do, this generation of consumers has turned his attention to the dress shoes and boots. their shoe as a personal declaration, so they are willing to spend large sums of money. "Josh Peskowitz men's fashion director of Bloomingdale's department said.
Of course, cheap louboutins soles also evolved out of other styles. But Uyal considered in conjunction with the classic rubber sole model better prices is an important trend, de Bayser predict the next Memorabilia footwear would be inspired by the style of rock climbing shoes hard bottom, we can already see this Yves Saint Laurent shoes.
No matter what kind of shoes to conquer the streets, it will definitely be comfortable.
Women are willing to foot reduction in the single most tortured louboutin shoes or louboutin wedges; however, and Ms. different, men will see the most important comfort. According to Mintel data, polled 69 percent men have said they are willing to spend more money in exchange for a pair of comfortable shoes.
"Luxury brand, fashion brand sports shoes for us to provide continuous supply - and another man coverage degrees are currently yearning is unparalleled."  Ritchie, director Terry Betts men's department said the department store in 2012 the size of its men's department is located in Oxford Street expansion more than tripled, to occupy a total of 15,000 square feet, claimed to be the world's largest dedicated louboutin shoes sale space is currently focused.
"Keep an adequate supply of exclusive styles, as well as established brands, new brands timely partnership concept is particularly important." Betts said.
As said, the department store and the next will cooperate louboutin outlet, the brand in March borrowed two temporary area Selfridges shoe department to launch its louboutin spring series.